Spay Alabama:
Find Affordable Spay/Neuter Services in Alabama

Why Spay/Neuter

Spay Alabama is dedicated to promoting spay/neuter services in Alabama. Spay/neuter is one of the most powerful tools we possess to protect dogs and cats. The simple act of having a dog or cat sterilized spares unwanted future animals from being born into lives of homelessness, suffering, and abuse. Spay/neuter says that we value each and every animal.

Spay/neuter also provides numerous, immediate benefits for pets and their households. Spay/neuter results in demonstrated health benefits and behavioral benefits for the individual dogs and cats who undergo the procedure—and financial benefits for the households where they live. These financial benefits extend to governments that are otherwise burdened with animal control and sheltering expenses for unwanted dogs and cats. Spay/neuter also benefits the local community through improved public health and safety.

About Us

Spay Alabama was created to help pet owners in Alabama in the search for low-cost spay and neuter programs in each city/county.

There are numerous options available, depending on your location, and Spay Alabama will do our best to help you find them.

Please know that by having your pet spayed or neutered, you are acting responsibly in being part of the solution to the tragedy of pet overpopulation. YOU will be helping to reduce the number of unwanted animals therefore reducing the number of animals that are neglected, abandoned, and/or euthanized in Alabama every year.

We thank you for taking this very important step and ask that you text Spay Alabama at 205-243-9946 if you should need additional information.